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Hello and welcome to AbloyPadlocks.co.uk. We are part of the Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd group; branching out from a local family business established in 1883. We specialise in industrial security and safety and are based within Industrial Teesside UK, giving us a unique perspective on the problems a modern industrial company will come up against. We offer a niche service which provides appropriate solutions for Oil & Gas isolations, Utility company isolations and high security in the military: Abloy Padlocks are some of the highest standard graded padlocks in the world, with unmatched physical strength and chemical, weather and temperature resistances.

Our product range includes the full range of Abloy Padlocks including the latest Abloy Mechanisms of Sentry and Protec 2, which are recommended due to their patent protection beyond 2027. Older Abloy Mechanisms like Exec, High Profile and Classic are no longer under Abloy’s patent protection, which means keys can be easily duplicated by a untrusted key holders at a local locksmiths, jeopordising your investment, safety and security. See more about this by clicking here and then select the 'Key System' Tab.

Abloy Padlocks are one of the UK's prominent experts on high quality, high performance and functionality.

Together, our product solutions supply safe, compliant and lasting solutions relied on by organisations throughout the world and across a range of markets and industries - wherever compromise / concession is not an option.

We have the capability to offer you a complete security solution; from initial surveys and fact finding, to assessments, problem solving and planning helping provide a solution fit for purpose. We can provide Abloy cam locks to Key Safes which can match the master key of your padlock suite for example to help key management and control from storage to application.

You'll discover all our personnel friendly, competent and adding that additional dedication to ensure the appropriate solution is provided.

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in high performance, high security padlocks, dedicated to providing end-user needs for safety, security and legal compliance and as a Abloy Super Centre we ensure life long solutions whch means you don't have to revisit this procurement solution for a long time.

Our worldwide customers include the following:

Oil & Gas: BP, Shell, and the National Grid Gas, Metso Minerals. Military: USAF & RAF (UK), US Navy, HM Prison Service. Construction: Carillion, Amec. Utilities: Scottish Water, South East Water, National Grid Electrical, British Water ways, Enercon, Siemens Wind Power, Open Reach BT. Shipping: Stena Line, Sealion. Petro Chemical: Semcorp, Delphi, Conco Philips, Aker Solutions and many more... For further details on our customers please click here. Finally we are fully approved members of Achilles procurement portal which helps mitigate risk for large buyers ensuring they are buying high quality products from an established supplier. For more information please just call us on (+44) 1642 244017.

Our aim is not only to provide these life-critical safety products, but also to provide information and advice to ensure that you obtain the most useful and relevant product, to better help keep you and your employees safe.

Why choose Abloy Padlocks?

Abloy padlocks are ideal for a range of purposes, including (but not limited to): Lockout Tagout, security (i.e. gates and doors), shipping containers, lorries and wagons, and marine applications. Abloy's safety padlock range has been designed to be super strong, and resistant to damage. However, most importantly, they are highly temperature, weather and chemical resistant. This means thay are well suited for off-shore operations, transport in extreme temperatures, petrochemical and other industries where hazardous materials are handled. Abloy Padlocks high strength also means they are ideal as security padlocks on high security locations (for example, military compounds, safes and vaults, etc.).

In addition, Abloy's padlock range are perfect for Lockout Tagout operations. For more information on Lockout Tagout, visit our parent site: LockoutTagout.co.uk

We offer Abloy's patented key charting system: As the number of locks increase so does the complexity of tracking keys. We are experts at managing your key changes and ensuring fit for purpose safety padlocks. We can ensure that there can be no key duplication without permission directly from the customer, and only we will be able to duplicate keys.

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