Abloy PL 350 Steel Padlock 50mm Shackle

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Abloy PL 350 Steel Padlock 50mm Shackle
Abloy PL 350 Steel Padlock 50mm Shackle
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The Abloy SENTRY PL 350 is highly durable, and exceeds the highest European and Scandanavian safety standards (Scandanavian standards being the most thorough).

EN12320 Grade 5

ABLOY SENTRY Key Mechanism is Patent Protected Key until 2027. It is compliant with BS EN12320 Grade 4 & Scandinavian SSFN 014 Grade 3

Large case-hardened Steel bodies provide high physical strength, excellent drill protection and unrivalled resistance to corrosion.

Boron-Steel shackle with Chrome finish: Ideal for the harshest environmental conditions.

The PL 350 contains 11 discs and is rekeyable (non-rekeyable to special order).

Key is removable in locked position only.

FREE Engraving on all padlocks e.g. company/worker's name or sequential numbering - Please call for details 01642 244017

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Material: Case-hardened Steel

Finish: Chrome

Dimensions: 72mm wide x 57.6mm tall


Material: Boron-Steel

Finish: Chrome

Height Clearance: 50mm

Diameter: 12mm

Sentry Key System

The unique ABLOY detainer disc cylinder mechanism has been a symbol of high security and superior performance ever since its invention.

Long lasting working life for ABLOY® SENTRY is based on patented improved resistance against wear and tear system (AWS).

Because of the AWS the effect of wear to the cylinder mechanism is minimized. Its new patented functional features give more exact user experience.

The ABLOY® SENTRY cylinder, keys and key blanks are protected by patents world-wide until 2027.

ABLOY® SENTRY locks can be keyed into the same master-key system using one key profile. Which means one key can open up all padlocks, camlocks and cabinet locks within the application.

Protec Key System

ABLOY® PROTEC2 meets and exceeds requirements of several international, national and customer specific standards and requirements.

With an extensive product range, ABLOY® PROTEC2 provides a global solution. While the core of the cylinder remains the same, the outer covering can be changed to meet the requirements of the specific application.

The Unique ABLOY® cylinder mechanism, based on the use of rotating discs instead of the traditional springs and pins, is known widely by security professionals as the world's premium high security locking system.

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is the latest development of this unique technology which offers numerous, unsurpassed features and benefits over conventional locking products.

Padlock Colour Rings

These rings attach to the padlock shackle and provide a permanent colour identification.

This means you can assign the padlocks to teams, e.g. blue for electrical, black for contractor, etc. or to individuals.

8mm Gauge Case Hardened Security Chain

This chain provides an extra locking option, for example on gates and doors.

This is a heavy gauge security chain, ideal for industrial use, and can also be welded to the padlock (see below).

Welding Option

This option allows you to have a chain welded to the padlock of your choosing.

The chain can also be welded to a fixed point close to the object that is to be locked, providing a permanent locking solution and preventing the padlock from being removed.

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